I Thought the Gull a Drone

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All viewing of the world is composite

Bones of ancient baleen whales, eukaryotes and quartz – all

A matrix forming the cliff


The pacific gull soars the updraft

At first I think it is a drone

Mechanized systems mimic avian expertise

Robotics, virtual simulations, cybernetics

The animal becomes the machine


I have forgotten to see simply ‘bird’

Transmuted, it is a feathered data complexity

Endangered, it once was ‘troo-ga-dil’

Captured in paint by an ornithologist on the First Fleet


And then the shame comes – nothing is pure anymore

Everything is layers of technology

The map is not the dreamed place but the layers of restaurants, cafes, bars

‘Find a chemist near me’

600 million unbiased traveller reviews

Share your location with others


The rain fell hard last night

Cliffs are due for a landslide, I ponder

Becoming part of two matrices –

The first, bones under ochre and clay nuzzled

Beside the jawbone of a plesiosaur, torn aluminium cans, fishing wire

A corroded vintage motherboard, plastic fish


The second is the augmented layer on reality

News feed: Girl missing on Victorian coast.


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