Love Dreamings: It Flies Through Windows Left Open At Night

Love flies through windows left open at night
Everyone says: be afraid!
Courage to let breeze through weakens
when hearts shrivel.
Two choices –
Nail planks over glass, or find the oil for the winding mechanism.

Children love blindly, some say
Stern words tell children: calm down !
Spinning tops joyfully whirl then still, gather dust
In lonely attics.

Love flies through doorways like a starling
Flutters into chamber walls
Flutters into aorta passageways
In glass lungs where breath is sharp with too-big gulps
Til the cry: No! You shouldn’t be here!
Those memories of pain!
Those old fears!

‘It’ll all be okay’ he says.
The bird gently lands, takes up it’s old residency
All those other things?
Just onion skins, now discarded.

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